Valid from 01.12.2019

Fee for Palkkaguru Oy 20.00 EUR + 2 % + VAT

  1. Making and sending of an invoice

  2. Monitoring payments

  3. Sending one payment note if the customer fails to pay by the agreed due date

  4. Making and paying a salary statement

  5. Sending a text message to the freelance entrepreneur when salary can be withdrawn from the account

  6. Online payroll calculation for a freelancer entrepreneur's personal online bank

  7. Income tax return declaration to the Tax Administration

Tax administration, The health insurance contribution (SAVA) tax 0.77% + VAT

Services with extra charge:

  1. Transfer to a debt collection agency 20,00 EUR + VAT

  2. The costs of the debt collection agency, if any

  3. Express payment orders 18,00 EUR + VAT

  4. Cancellation of order 30,00 EUR + VAT