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  • What is a Palkkaguru?
    The Palkkaguru has been set up upon customer request. Previously HR Accounting Ltd has invoiced and paid the invoices and salaries of freelance entrepreneurs. We have responded to our customers' requests and wishes - we will be actively developing our services - according to their wishes! In the future, the Palkkaguru will focus on freelance entrepreneurs as well as individuals. HR account service will focus on corporate customers in the future. We do not practice this service, but we know it with over ten years of experience! This will enable us to serve our customers better and more clearly, and to develop both our target groups. One of the main reasons why the Palkkaguru is set up as a separate company is the EU Data Protection Regulation. All of our personal customer information is in a different database than our corporate customer information.
  • Who is the Palkkaguru for?
    A typical customer is a private individual who does not have their own business ID. Some of our clients are planning to start their own business, and it is as if they are practicing freelance entrepreneurship as they all work. It is different to be employed than an entrepreneur. Freelancer entrepreneurship is out of the middle ground. Freelancer Entrepreneurship is for someone who may be considering starting their own business in the future. The buyer of the service is a freelance entrepreneur who has made a work or service to a customer who is billed and Palkkaguru Oy makes sales invoices and pays the salary to the freelancer.
  • What is Entrepreneurship?
    To summarize entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is about taking responsibility for everything you do and for your employees, taking all decisions, statutory taxes and fees, and taking the risk of running a business.
  • What is freelancer entrepreneurship?
    Freelancer entrepreneurship is like the “delicacies of employment and entrepreneurship” - a compromise. You have more free hands than you are in an employment relationship, but you do not have all the administration and expenses to bear and take care of, as with your own entrepreneurship. Still, you can work in a regular employment relationship and bill through the Palkkaguruthose things that are close to your heart, such as your hobbies or new skills you learn. And get yourself legally and safely rewarded for your work or service. The entrepreneur is responsible for everything he or she makes, freelance entrepreneurship is a safer and easier intermediate than entrepreneurship. In freelance entrepreneurship, administrative costs are usually lower than those of a full-time entrepreneur.
  • Is everything legal?
    Yes, everything is done at Palkkaguru Oy in accordance with the laws and regulations. Likewise, the requirements of the EU Data Protection Regulation (data security) are very important to us so that not all business secrets and personal information are passed on to third parties and you can be sure that all your personal information is secure. Palkkaguru Oy is a reliable player in the field. Palkkaguru Oy is a member of the Tax Administration's prepayment register, which means that we have fulfilled all our obligations and paid all taxes on time. Palkkaguru Oy has all the statutory insurance in place should something happen.
  • What information I need to provide to recieve money fast?
    Tax card (PDF) Is YEL insurance valid (yes/no)? Email address Postal address, postal code Name of the receiver Bank account number
  • What information I need to provide to create an invoice?
    Recipient of the invoice (to whom the invoice is sent, who pays the invoice): Business ID (if a company) Email address Contact person's name (service subscriber) Name of the company Invoice terms: Agreed due date or payment terms (e.g. 7 days net) Amount to be invoiced Invoice details: When the work is done Where the work was done (e.g. site address) Other message / info for the recipient of the invoice (visible on the invoice) Other message / info for the invoice maker (not visible on the invoice)
  • Who are our partners?
    Who are our partners? Palkkaguru Oy cooperates with responsible Finnish companies. We introduce our partners because we strongly believe in transparency. It is important for us to help entrepreneurs find the best partners for their life-long journey. When choosing partners, it is especially important for us to be able to stand behind the companies and services we recommend. For this reason, the companies we have worked with have been selected as partners, or we know they are responsible and the best in the industry. HR Account Ltd An Authorized Accounting Office that serves its clients with professional expertise in both accounting and account services. HR account service is the right place for you who need real-time accounting, electronic financial management and people-friendly service. "Take care of your business, we take care of the numbers!" Elo Mutual Pension Insurance Company Elo is Finland's most popular provider of entrepreneurial pension insurance. For a long time, they have focused on serving entrepreneurs and they are providing first-class service and information to entrepreneurs. You can learn more about Elo at LocalTapiola The LocalTapiola Group is a mutual group of companies owned by its customers and serving individual, farm, entrepreneurial, corporate and community customers. In addition to insurance services, LocalTapiola offers financing and investment services to companies. Read more on the LocalTapiola Company page. Nooa Savings Bank If you want more from your banking relationship, Nooa Savings Bank is an urban village bank that offers honest and agile banking services to people in the capital. Nooa Savings Bank is the right partner for you and your business to spar with the corporate banker you reach through a direct number. Check out the Nooa Savings Bank business services here. Finnish Entrepreneurs Association There is strength in entrepreneurship, and we believe in entrepreneurship and the power of cooperation. Working together with FEA to brings strength to entier communty. We are networking with Finnish Entrepreneurs because many of our clients will start their own business. We want to help and guide freelancer entrepreneurs to the best possible path. Whether your steps, your path, your progress from the sluggish or the peaceful - we help you and want to provide you with the best options.
  • What do I commit to and what do I not?
    Registration does not bind or oblige you to do anything yet. Take a look at our service! When you submit a billing order to us, you are bound by this one billing order and its service charge. Self-employed pension contributions, YEL As a freelancer entrepreneur is not employed by a Payroll Guru, Palkkaguru cannot pay / transfer a pension contribution to a pension company. The freelance entrepreneur must have a written or oral agreement with his client, invoiced by the Payroll Guru. It is up to the freelance entrepreneur to take out self-employed pension insurance with Elo. In small sum, no pension insurance is required - in which case it is voluntary but which we recommend taking it. Our partner, Elo Pension Insurance Company, will help you with these matters - so feel free to ask or leave us a call! If your freelancer income exceeds a certain threshold and certain criteria are met, you have a statutory obligation to take out self-employed pension insurance YEL. The entrepreneur's pension contribution is a deductible expense on a freelance entrepreneur's personal tax, which you are entitled to deduct for tax purposes.
  • What about accident and occupational disease insurance?
    The freelancer is not an employee of Palkkaguru Oy, which is why Palkkaguru cannot pay/reimburse work accidents and work insurance on behalf of the freelancer. A freelancer must always have a written or verbal agreement with his client, which Palkkaguru invoices. The Palkkaguru fee includes the Small Business Accident Insurance issued by LähiTapiola. This covers accidents for work billed through Palkkaguru in accordance with the insurance terms. If you are a freelance entrepreneur with YEL insurance, you can get yourself a more extensive entrepreneur's accident insurance from LähiTapiola. We recommend taking this in cases where you are doing work that is not billed through Salaryguru, because if something happens, your future is insured. Fees invoiced through Salkaguru always include the Light Entrepreneur's accident insurance issued by LähiTapiola. It is the freelancer's responsibility to take out insurance against work accidents and occupational diseases. In smaller amounts and/or for certain industries, occupational accident and occupational disease insurance can be voluntary and a freelancer is a risk taker who belongs to entrepreneurship and thus bears the risk. We recommend making sure that your insurance coverage is sufficient. Our partner LähiTapiola can help in these matters free of charge - so feel free to ask or leave us a contact request! The entrepreneur's work accident and occupational disease insurance is a tax-deductible expense, which the freelance entrepreneur has the right to deduct in personal taxation.
  • Can I invoice in other currencies than Euro?
    As we are operating in Finland, the official currency is Euro and this is the Invoicing currency we use only. However if you invoice to country where there is no Euro, your customer can pay the invoice in their own currency and money will be accounted by us in Euro. The exchange rate is taken from the official Finnish central bank information on the day of accounting.
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