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Invoicing for freelancers. Chat, Call or Meet us face-to-face!

We offer a modern, easy and flexible way to invoice the work that any freelancers can do. You just need to focus on what you can do the best and we take care of the rest. Our services will help with all the paperwork. We will invoice your work, send the information to the client and calculate your salary accordingly so you can get your money on time. 

Stock Trade


We send e-invoices, email invoices or traditional invoices

Stock Market

Salary Calculations

We calculate salary based on provided information and we check before payment that all information is completely correct.

Financial Chart

Personal Finance Consultancy

We advise about tax regulations and personal tax information

Why Choose Us?

Accident insurance included
Trusted insurance provider
Insurance policy in place 
No maximum compensation amount if accident occurs!
Our partner is LähiTapiola Mutual Insurance Company
The accident insurance is secondary in relation to the insured's own valid insurance policies.


Valid from 01.10.2022

Fee for Palkkaguru Oy is 4.5%

  1. Making and sending of an invoice

  2. Monitoring payments

  3. Sending payment reminders if the customer
    as not paid by the due date

  4. Making and paying a salary statement

  5. Sending a message to the freelance entrepreneur when salary can be withdrawn from the account

  6. Online payroll calculation for a freelancer entrepreneur's personal online bank or to the email

  7. Income tax return declaration to the Tax Administration

  8. Minimum charge 10.00 eur / assignment

  9. Maximum charge 250.00 eur / assignment

Tax administration, The health insurance contribution (SAVA) tax is 1.16 %, for YEL insured persons

Services with extra charge:

  1. Transfer to a debt collection agency 20,00 eur + VAT 24 %

  2. The costs of the debt collection agency, if any

  3. Cancellation of order 30,00 eur + VAT 24 %

  4. Quick assignment 30,00 eur + VAT 24 %

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