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Service provider

Palkkaguru Oy

Bulevardi 30 A 21

00120 Helsinki


Business ID: 3021959-9,

Domiciled in Helsinki

+358 44 780 8600

Service Buyer


The buyer of the service is a private individual (consumer) who has accepted the terms and conditions of Palkkaguru Oy. In this agreement and in Palkkaguru Oy, the client is referred to as a “freelance entrepreneur”.

Service description and contract content


A typical Palkkaguru Oy service buyer is a private individual who does not have his/her own business ID yet. He/She may be considering starting his/her own business soon. Palkkaguru Oy service buyer is as well a freelance entrepreneur who has provided work or service to a customer who he suppose to bill.


The billable customer is not a customer of Palkkaguru Oy. Palkkaguru Oy requires valid written or oral agreement between the freelance entrepreneur and the billable customer.


When using the service, the Freelancer will accept all terms and conditions (upon signing up for the service, you must accept and abide by the terms and conditions).


The Freelancer is a customer of Palkkaguru Oy. The Freelancer entrepreneur's client is not a client of Palkkaguru Oy, but a company or individual who is billed by Palkkaguru Oy in accordance with the assignment.


The billing order also provides all the information needed for payroll payment, if not all information is provided to Palkkaguru Oy, it may slow down the payroll payment (for example, a personal identification number or account number is missing).


The freelancer receives a personal message to check when the net salary can be withdrawn from the account.


The freelance entrepreneur himself/herself will be responsible for and will pay the statutory pension insurance contributions to Elo (or any other pension insurance company if he/she chooses) and pay and pay the contribution directly to the pension insurance company. Palkkaguru Oy will help and advise you on request, but the freelancer is responsible for this.


If a freelance entrepreneur client fails to pay the invoice to Palkkaguru Oy on time, Palkkaguru Oy will automatically initiate a notice and a recovery within 7 days from the due date. One payment note will be sent to the customer, after which the invoice will be collected by the collection agency at the request of the freelance entrepreneur (additional service not included in the basic price of the service).


Palkkaguru Oy undertakes to report and settle all payments it receives (eg withholding tax, SAVA payment, bail accounts, and Income tax returns and Separate Notices) to the Tax Administration or other authorities or insurance companies in good time.


Palkkaguru Oy is committed to complying with all laws and regulations and takes great care of data security and data protection. Palkkaguru Oy does not give any information to third parties without the permission of the freelancer.


The freelance entrepreneur undertakes to provide all information correctly and honestly. To Palkkaguru Oy and honestly.


Palkkaguru Oy undertakes to pay the invoices and payroll and other services in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations and to comply with the general good practice in the industry.


Palkkaguru Oy will first receive a billing order from the customer, which Palkkaguru Oy will invoice as soon as possible, based on the information provided. If the information is incomplete or incorrect, invoice submission may be delayed. For example, the company name and/or business ID are incorrect.


When the payment is invoiced to Palkkaguru Oy, Palkkaguru Oy will pay and pay the wages to the freelance entrepreneur.


The freelance entrepreneur receives an online salary (payroll) from his / her personal online bank or to email, where he/she can check out what the paid amount is.


The Freelancer is responsible for and takes care of the accident insurance premium and other necessary insurance for the LocalTapiola (or, if desired, any other insurance company) entrepreneur required for the job or service. Palkkagu Oy's fee includes accident and liability insurance. The freelancer entrepreneur is responsible for the possible deductible. Palkkaguru Oy helps and advises upon request, but the freelancer is responsible for these.


Palkkaguru Oy deducts any statutory fees payable and accountable to the authorities from the payroll (net salary) of the freelancer. Payments made to the authorities will be subject to the applicable VAT in accordance with the Tax Administration's instructions.


If a freelancer entrepreneur customer claims an invoice, the invoice should be addressed to the freelancer entrepreneur and Palkkaguru Oy should inform Palkkaguru Oy of this complaint.


Palkkaguru Oy complies with the EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Any disputes shall be primarily resolved between the Parties.

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