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supporting new entrepreneurs goes beyond transactions with

Join our service. It's completely free!, as an invoicing service, can effectively address the pain points faced by new entrepreneurs or startups in Finland by providing tailored solutions and support.

We fully understand that Finnish business culture is unique. For new entrepreneurs entering this world, exploring the Finnish way of doing things can be quite fascinating but challenging journey. 

Remember that the legal form of incorporation you choose for your business impacts its future tax reporting requirements. Take care of these financial aspects diligently to ensure a successful entrepreneurial journey in Finland!


Handling Legal and Administrative Tasks

Financial Guidance

Business ID Application and Tax Administration’s registers

New entrepreneurs often struggle with complex regulations, permits, and paperwork

Startups need streamline financial processes and ensure compliance.

Obtaining a business ID or submit a start-up notification to the Tax Administration’s registers can be complex for new entrepreneurs.


Effortless Invoicing

Tax Compliance Made Easy

Transparent Pricing

Generate professional invoices in minutes. No more manual calculations or errors.

Stay on top of tax obligations. Deduct eligible expenses. handles the paperwork, so you can focus on your craft. Read more here.

No hidden fees. Know exactly what you’re paying for. Choose quality over poor solutions. Find out yourself

With our service you get even more!

Fast payment included for free

You don't have to pay extra to get your money on time!

Accident insurance and liability insurance included

Coprehenisve insurance conditions and specific expenses covered. Read more here.





Register in our service and fill in invoice form online

This is about to who you are invoicing to 

Choose all the services you want

This is about all optional services we are providing 

Accept conditions and send the information

This is about confirming all the details and sending information to be processed

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