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tailored approach based on each CONSULTANTS unique situation with

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Busy juggling multiple roles or projects? Our user-friendly platform saves time. Invoicing and financial management become hassle-free, even with a packed schedule.

At Palkkaguru, we prioritize clarity. Our invoices provide detailed breakdowns, ensuring transparency. Clear communication leads to smoother transactions.

Tax rules can be overwhelming. Let Palkkaguru guide you. We handle tax compliance, so you focus on growing your consulting business.

Palkkaguru acknowledges that personalized support and understanding each consultant unique business needs are key to success!


Errors in Manual Invoicing or Revenue Leakage

Tax Compliance and Bookkeeping

Lack of Clarity in Invoices

Manual invoicing is prone to errors, such as missing or incorrect information. Sometimes service items that were actually performed cannot be charged due to various reasons i.e. issues with contract and insurances. These errors can delay payments.

Tax regulations can be complex. Consultants or service providers may struggle with deductions and financial reporting due to inaccurate registration of service items.

Lack of clarity in invoices can lead to confusion for both consultants and clients. Partners may struggle to understand calculations and itemization.


Effortless Invoicing

Tax Compliance Made Easy

Transparent Pricing

Generate professional invoices in minutes. No more manual calculations or errors.

Stay on top of tax obligations. Deduct eligible expenses. handles the paperwork, so you can focus on your craft. Read more here.

No hidden fees. Know exactly what you’re paying for. Choose quality over poor solutions. Find out yourself

With our service you get even more!

Fast payment included for free

You don't have to pay extra to get your money on time!

Accident insurance and liability insurance included

Coprehenisve insurance conditions and specific expenses covered. Read more here.





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